Variable Orifice Sonic Flares (VariMach)


AEREON’s Flare Industries Variable Mach (VariMach) sonic flare tip combines engineering and performance to deliver low-radiation, smokeless combustion over a full range of flow conditions. Spring-actuated variable sonic nozzles allow the exit area to vary with pressure, ensuring constant sonic velocity of waste gas. The industry proven technology guarantees sufficient inspiration of air to ensure 100% smokeless combustion and infinite turndown. Radiation levels are also minimized throughout the entire range of flow, yielding shorter stack heights and boom lengths and reducing material costs. Additionally, the VariMach has the lowest purge rate of any flare technology on the market, minimizing utility costs while maintaining flashback protection.

Brand: Aereon

Category: Custom Flares and Vapor Combustion Units
  • High smokeless capacity due to high velocity air induction and multi-point design
  • Long service life under normal flow conditions
  • Lower radiant heat
  • Effective cost solution for offshore platform use reduces size and expense of flare boom
  • Able to burn entrained liquids without smoke formation or liquid droplet fallout

Variable Orifice Sonic Flares Datasheet