Steam-Assist Flares


Steam assisted flares are designed to dispose of heavier waste gases which have a greater tendency to smoke. In order to prevent incomplete combustion, steam is injected into the waste stream using peripheral steam rings, center steam spargers, and/or inner induction tubes. The injection of steam has two principal effects:

– High-pressure steam flow causes turbulence in the waste stream which improves mixing and therefore improves combustion efficiency.
– Additional air is induced into the waste gas providing the oxygen necessary for augmented smokeless capacity.

Steam flares are typically used in applications where the customer has high-pressure steam available on site.

Brand: Aereon

Category: Custom Flares and Vapor Combustion Units
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High smokeless capacity due to steam injection
  • Stable, reliable combustion due to flame retention ring
  • High smokeless flow rate
  • Longer tip life due to steam cooling effect

Steam-Assist Flares Datasheet