Fixed Orifice Sonic Flares


MACH-1 is the speed of sound. AEREON’s
cutting edge MACH-1 sonic flaring technology operates at this velocity in order to combust waste gas smokeless. Sonic flares utilize multi-point exit nozzles to dispose of high pressure waste gas streams. The MACH-1 Sonic Flare Tip utilizes the pressure of the waste stream (creating sonic exit velocities) to create turbulent mixing and induce excess quantities of air for more complete combustion. Sonic flare tips emit reduced levels of radiation and can be placed at lower, less visible elevations. This advanced flaring technology is excellent for applications with high pressure waste gases and high capacity smokeless requirements.

Brand: Aereon

Category: Custom Flares and Vapor Combustion Units
  • High smokeless capacity due to high velocity air induction and multi-point design
  • Long service life under normal flow conditions
  • Lower radiant heat
  • Effective cost solution for offshore platform use reduces size and expense of flare boom
  • Able to burn entrained liquids without smoke formation or liquid droplet fallout

Fixed Orifice Sonic Flares Datasheet