Air-Assist Flares


Air assist flares smokeless dispose of heavier waste gases which have greater tendency to smoke. Air assist flares can be employed at sites where steam may not be available. Air flare systems are composed of two concentric risers and one or more blowers providing supplemental combustion air. A blower forces air into an outer air annulus where the process gas passes through an inner riser and upon reaching the flare tip, these two streams intermix.

Brand: Aereon

Category: Custom Flares and Vapor Combustion Units
  • High smokeless rates due to superior mixing
  • Capable of burning heavier hydrocarbons smokeless
  • Extended service life
  • Lower operating costs at a given smokeless rate
  • Lower radiant heat at a given capacity
  • Stable, reliable combustion
  • Wide range of flow capacities

Air-Assist Flares Datasheet