Twist-Lok® Couplings


Twist-LokTM represents the latest addition to OPW’s industry-leading range of Dry Disconnect Couplers. With its user-friendly operation and simple handling, the Twist-Lok provides a quick, easy connection with minimal product loss.

Brand: OPW

Category: Liquid Transfer Couplings
  • AVAILABLE in 1″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ sizes. Larger sizes available upon request.
  • FULLY INTERCHANGEABLE with other manufacturers, such as TODO-MATIC, Mann Tek, etc. Manufactured in accordance with NATO STANAG 3756.
  • Pressure Ratings up to 360 PSI; ideal for LPG and other higher-pressure applications.
  • 316 STAINLESS-STEEL construction
  • INTEGRAL HEAVY-DUTY SWIVEL to aid connection and minimize hose wear.
  • DOUBLE SAFETY: Fully Interlocked plus locking mechanism in open position.
  • PRODUCT SELECTIVITY available via mechanical keying – minimizes risk of cross contamination.

Twist-Lok Datasheet