Kamvalok® Couplings


The OPW Engineered Systems’ Kamvalok® dry disconnect is designed to automatically shut off in the event of an accidental disconnection of the coupler and adaptor. Should the Kamvalok® be accidentally disconnected due to operator error or accident while the handle is in the open position and product flow is in progress, the poppet in the adaptor will automatically close and the seal cylinder will immediately stop flow through the coupler.

Brand: OPW

Category: Liquid Transfer Couplings
  • Available in 1½”, 2” & 3” Sizes
  • Keeps hazardous liquids in-line and out of the environment
  • Nose seal can be easily replaced without need for new seal cylinder
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum materials of construction
  • Equipped with AutolokTM Locking Arms
  • Features Poppeted Seal Cylinder with Snap-on Nose Seal
  • Simple Cam and Groove Design with Lever Actuation
  • 360° Orientation – coupler can be connected in any orientation onto the adaptor.
  • Manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards of design, materials and construction.

Kamvalok® Datasheet