Safety Break-Away Coupling


The Safety Breakaway Coupling (NTS-PU) can be used in loading arms, hose- and pipelines for the transfer of fluids or gas. A typical application is the unintended tank truck/railcar/aircraft pull-off or the drifting away of a barge or ship.

Both halves of this emergency coupling are equipped with non returning, spring loaded valves; they are held together by a fast coupling connection. Separation is triggered by a pulling force via the hose or loading arm. The separation force is individually preset for max. protection of the hose line.

Brand: OPW

Category: Liquid Transfer Couplings
  • Working in any direction (angle)
  • Built-in possible in both directions
  • Easy reassembly after separation
  • Mounting: tighten mounting screws, push 2 halves together and remove the mounting screws
  • Cable-free activation
  • Fully functional immediately after being built in; no further activation required
  • Spare-part-free, non-destructive separation
  • No shear pins involved and no destruction.
  • Easily reassembled w/o tools or spare parts
  • Ideal for LPG transfer lines

NTS-PU Series Breakaway Coupling Datasheet