RM140W Overfill Protection & Grounding Monitor


Overfill protection and grounding monitor for truck or rail loading in petro-chemical applications. Built to function with all probes designed to the API code: API RP 1004 and the EU Standard EN13922, the RM140W Series is the world’s most flexible and adaptable monitor.

The RM140W provides a fail-safe, state-of-the-art overfill protection and grounding monitoring system that is compatible with all commonly used overfill protection and grounding systems.

Brand: Civacon

Category: Overfill Protection & Grounding Systems
  • Automatic sensing of 2-wire/thermistor or 5-wire overfill systems, no manual switching or inspection required
  • Supports up to (8) 2-wire/thermistor probes and up to (12) 5-wire probes
  • High-output display visible in direct sunlight, provides flexibility for indoor/outdoor use
  • Coded wireless by-pass key for secure and reliable operation
  • Self-test at start up/continuous self-monitoring, ensures safety throughout the loading process
  • Separate grounding and overfill control outputs
  • Compact and functional design is easy to install, perfect for tight spaces or crowded work areas
  • Global electronic compatibility, able to operate on almost any electric service

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