PD501 Overfill & Grounding Monitor


The PD501 monitor provides overfill protection combined with ground assurance.

The PD501 is a basic unit which offers the lowest capital cost with simple and cheap installation wiring. It is compatible with all common probes built to EN13922.

The PD501 is a multi-purpose monitor for use in ATEX applications only.

Brand: Liquip

Category: Overfill Protection & Grounding Systems
  • Explosion proof housing.
  • Incorporates a single channel for 2-wire probes for railcar filling or other 2 wire applications.
  • Monitors up to 15 x 5-wire probes for overfill protection.
  • Ground assurance.
  • ATEX approvals.
  • Cost effective overfill protection & ground assurance.

PD501 Monitor Datasheet