RM140E Overfill Protection & Grounding Monitor


Overfill protection and grounding monitor for truck or rail loading in petro-chemical applications. Built to function with all probes designed to the API code: API RP 1004 and the EU Standard EN13922, the RM140 Series is the world’s most flexible and adaptable monitor.

The RM140 provides state-of-the-art overfill protection and grounding monitoring that is compatible with all commonly used overfill protection and grounding systems.

Known around the world for its superior reliability and ‘bullet proof’ design. The RM140 series can detect the type of sensor in the transport, the state of liquid in the tank, an overfill situation, and/or verify the grounding condition.

Brand: Liquip

Category: Overfill Protection & Grounding Systems
  • Grounding and/or Overfill Monitor in one competitive package.
  • Automatic sensing of 2-wire/thermistor or 5-wire overfill systems.
  • Supports up to (8) 2-wire/thermistor probes and up to (12) 5-wire probes.
  • Self-test at start up/continuous self-monitoring, ensures safety throughout the loading process.
  • Separate grounding and overfill control outputs.
  • Ultra high visibility display provides flexibility for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Full sensor diagnosis at a glance.
  • Coded wireless by-pass key for secure and reliable operation.
  • Built in 110 & 240 voltage selection.
  • Built in 6 or 8 channel selection.
  • Upgradeable software to allow for additional features.

RM140E Datasheet


RM140E Brochure