94406 Inline Deflagration Flame Arrester


The Shand & Jurs 94406 Vertical Inline Deflagration Flame Arresters are designed to provide a positive flame stop on low pressure tanks or piping systems containing flammable liquids or solvents having a low flash point. The 94406 not only provides exceptional protection against fire from external ignition, but also offers maximum flow capacity.

Shand & Jurs Vertical Inline Deflagration Flame Arresters are generally installed with pressure-vacuum vents, or in-line low pressure piping systems. The tube bank design consisting of a spiral-wound crimped ribbon around a solid core, maximizes flow capacity with minimum pressure drop. The standard flame arrester is Factory Mutual (FM) approved to meet the ATEX application requirements per EN 12874 and ISO 16852.

Brand: Shand & Jurs

Category: Flame Arresters
  • ISO 16852 Approved
  • ATEX EN 12874 Approved
  • Unitized tube bank design
  • Maximum protection and efficiency with minimum pressure drop
  • Wide range of standard construction materials
  • Easy inspection and maintenance, due to simple removal of tube bank
  • Complete range of flange sizes from 2’’ (50 mm) to 12’’ (300 mm) ANSI, EN1092, JIS. Consult factory for larger sizes

94406-3D Datasheet