94306 End-of-Line Flame Arrester


The Shand & Jurs Flame Arresters are designed to provide a positive flame stop on low pressure tanks, storage tanks and anaerobic digesters containing flammable liquids, solvents or gases having a low flash point. The 94306 not only provides exceptional protection against fire from external ignition, but also offers maximum flow capacity.

Shand & Jurs Flame Arresters are generally installed with pressure-vacuum vents, or in-line free vent to atmosphere. The tube bank design consisting of a spiral-wound crimped ribbon around a solid core, maximize flow capacity with minimum pressure drop. This unique design meets FM Factory Mutual approval for all sizes and material options.

Brand: Shand & Jurs

Category: Flame Arresters
  • Unitized tube bank design
  • Maximum protection and efficiency with minimum pressure drop
  • Wide range of standard construction materials
  • Easy inspection and maintenance, due to simple removal of tube bank on site
  • FM Approval, 2’’ to 12” inclusive
  • NEC Group D gas applications
  • Location within 10 pipe diameters of potential atmosphere ignition source
  • Optional Insulation Jackets Available

94306-3C Datasheet