94040 Spring Loaded Conservation Vent


This vent meets the need of higher pressure settings required on storage tanks (ideally suited when blanketed with nitrogen or other inert gas), process vessels and piping common to the petroleum, chemical and petro-chemical industries.

Higher pressure settings are accommodated using a unique method of spring loading which ensures highly reliable operation and reduces excessive venting of product at a relatively low cost. Pressure settings range from 1 psig through 15 psig for all sizes except 12” which has a maximum of 12 psig. Screw and flange type connections are offered for the 2” and 3” size and flange only for sizes 4” to 12”. Vacuum protection is provided utilizing a weight loaded vertical lift pallet assembly that assures opitmum air flow into tank.

Brand: Shand & Jurs

Category: Pressure-Vacuum Valves
  • Low copper aluminum alloy minimizes special materials needs
  • Guided pressure pallet assures smooth lift and closure
  • Unique diaphragm construction assures positive seal and minimal blowdown
  • Easy inspection of internal components
  • Withstands variety of materials including highly corrosive and toxic products
  • Pallet lip design contributes to high flow characteristics

94040-3C Datesheet