CVS120 Check Valve Spool


Liquip’s check valve spools are designed to hold back the product in the loading arm so that the pipework will not drain when the API coupler is opened.

Since the arm can no longer be drained by just opening the coupler, 2 drain bosses have been incorporated into the check valve spool.

1) On the API side of the poppet – allows product to be drained from the outlet side of the CVS120, for removal and servicing of the API coupler.
2) On the loading arm side of the poppet – allows sampling or complete draining of the loading arm for servicing and repair of up stream components like the outboard swivel and hose.

Brand: Liquip

Category: Truck Loading Arms & Accessories
  • Can be used to avoid product contamination.
  • Prevents pilfering by not allowing drainage of the drop hose section.
  • Product flow through the loading arm opens the poppet inside the check valve spool.
  • Can be fitted with a sightglass to show presence of product.
  • 2 drain bosses have been incorporated into the valve.

CVS120 Datasheet