6400 Series Horizontal Loading Valves


OPW Horizontal Loading Valves have a long-standing reputation for reliability and quality throughout the petroleum industry. This reputation is backed by more than 5 decades of successful service in the most difficult environments.

Brand: OPW

Category: Truck Loading Arms & Accessories
  • Minimize Line Shock – Variable closure rate allows operator to fine tune closure rate and prevent shock.
  • Easy Maintenance – Unique stuffing box design makes disassembly quick and easy.
  • No air traps – Air cannot become trapped in the valve, minimizing the risk of product release after closure.
  • Superior Shaft Sealing – Dual O-rings provide redundant sealing in critical area.
  • 3” & 4” sizes, Aluminum Construction
  • TTMA Flanged connections

6400 Series Horizontal Loading Valve Manual