92021 Automatic Tank Gauge


The Shand & Jurs 92021 Automatic Tank Level Gauge is a float actuated tape driven gauge and by means of a digital counter indicates float travel accurately to 1/16 inch. The 92021 meets all the specifications and recommendations of the American Petroleum Institute in accordance with API Bulletin 2509B.

This Automatic Tank Gauge comes equipped with the Acutrak 90TM modular cartridge kit. The kit consists of a spring motor drum, a power hub and a stainless steel constant power spring. The cartridge and tape drum are constructed of RYTON®, a specially engineered polymer that offers outstanding chemical resistance, mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. Also included in the tank gauge is an accurately perforated stainless steel tape. Bearing loads are well distributed through Teflon bushings rotating on polished stainless steel shafts.

Brand: Shand & Jurs

Category: Tank Level Gauges
  • 1/16″ Accuracy
  • 90 Foot gauging range
  • Simple installation
  • Ground or roof reading
  • Completely automatic
  • Easily serviced
  • Economical

92021-3H Datasheet