2000 Series Magnetic Level Indicator


A permanent magnet incorporated in the float actuates the sensing elements mounted in the special waterproof case, causing them to rotate 180˚. These elements, which are treated with special paints of contrasting colour on the two faces, show the red colour faces when the level increases (float going up and the white faces when the level decreases (float going down), thus showing very clearly the position of the float and hence the liquids’s level.

Brand: Officine Orobiche

Category: Tank Level Gauges
  • Visual level indicators for any type of liquids (s. G. 0,55 kg/dm3 min. For the metallic type and 0,88 kg/dm3 for the plastic type).
  • Interface measurement of liquids
  • Level measurement of particularly aggressive liquids or with pressure and temperature not suitable for standard glass tube or reflection indicators
  • Accuracy ± 5 mm.
  • Max. Pressure 50 bar for standard versions and up to 150 bar for on request versions.
  • Operating temperatures from -20˚c to 200˚c
  • Special versions for low temperature up to -160°c with antifrost device and for high temperature up to +400°c.
  • Max. Length 5,5 meters for metallic type and 3 meters for plastic type
  • Version for s.g. <0,65 Kg/dm3, on request

2000 Series Magnetic Level Indicator Datasheet