Vacuum Breaker Valve


OPW Engineered Systems Vacuum Breakers permit quick, positive evacuation of the arm after the loading operation is complete. Suggested for any top load/submerged fill application.

Brand: OPW

Category: Truck Loading Arms & Accessories
  • VB100SS opens at 1-2 kPa vacuum (Gravity draining systems). Orifice equal to 6mm dia hole.
  • Spring loaded poppet opens at a set pressure to allow air into the high section of the system and removes any vacuum that may ‘hang-up’ a liquid column.
  • Stainless Steel body, polyurethane cap, stainless steel spring.
  • Poppet is acetal in VB100SS.
  • Seal is low temperature fluorocarbon.

Vacuum Breaker Valve Datasheet