TS Oval Gear Meter


Our TS Series meters are the standard in the Rotary Positive Displacement meter category. The accuracy and repeatability make this ideal for any environment. Mounted to a truck for bulk delivery, High Speed batching and unloading, Chemical and fertilizer transfer or delivery; the TS meters are compact, lightweight and easy to maintain. The unique oval gear design allows for compact mounting with minimal piping. The modular design allows flexibility in assembly for either mechanical registration or glandless pulse
output to a variety of electronic counters, controllers or signal conditioners

Brand: Tuthill

Category: Positive Displacement Meters
  • Only two moving parts
  • No metal-to-metal contact in chamber or bearings
  • Electronic gland-less meter
  • Patented “Wave Form” oval gear design
  • Low differential pressure for maximum flow

TS Oval Gear Meter Datasheet


TS Series Manual