Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump


Where shaft seal leakage is not allowable, for liquids that are hard to seal, or where seal maintenance
is difficult, Viking Mag Drive® sealless SG pumps are the solution. In this type of pump, a canister hermetically seals the liquid within the pump. Inner magnets are connected to the pump drive shaft inside the canister, and an outer magnet assembly rotates outside of the canister, driven by a motor or other drive, so that magnetic forces pass through the canister to the inner magnets and cause the drive shaft to rotate. This eliminates traditional dynamic shaft seals, and problems associated with them (wear, leakage, air infiltration).
A hollow drive shaft allows some liquid to flow by means of pressure differential from the high pressure side of the pump through the shaft, into the canister and back to the low pressure side of the pump.
This provides magnet cooling and prevents product stagnation.

Brand: Viking

Category: Additive Injection Equipment

SG Series Sealless Mag Drive Pumps Datasheet