Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers


AEREON’s FIRECAT Thermal Oxidizers are simple combustion devices that use natural draft or forced draft burners and are designed to maintain a specific destruction temperature and residence time to ensure thorough destruction efficiencies (98-99.99%). A FIRECAT system precisely monitors and controls the flow of air, assist gas, in order to obtain prescribed temperatures in the combustion chamber. This type of equipment is ideal for sensitive areas that require low emissions, reduced flame visibility, minimal heat and noise, ease of emissions sampling, and smokeless combustion. Depending on the end user process and footprint these can be vertical or horizontal configurations.

Brand: Aereon

Category: Enclosed Combustion Systems
  • 50-65% Heat Recovery
  • Drastically Reduced Fuel Costs
  • Destruction of a wide range of solvents and VOCs
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Steam Generation or Oil Heating
  • No Visible Flame
  • No Radiation
  • Low Noise