The Barca marine loading arm transfers liquids or gaseous products, to and from barges or coasters. This marine loading arm features a self-bearing construction that is balanced through two single adjustable counterweights.

Brand: Wiese

Category: Marine Loading Arms & Accessories
  • Swivel joint model 3-2ST
  • Product pipe in carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Overdimensioned swivel joint design to support the forces acting on the loading arm
  • Two single adjustable counterweights balance the inboard and outboard arm in each position
  • Effortless manual operation
  • Mechanical locking of the arm in resting position
  • Suitable for chemically aggressive products
  • High and low temperature application
  • High and low pressure application
  • Dimensions: 6” – 8” (DN150 – DN200)

Barca Product Sheet