Atmos Pipe (Software)


Since its release as the first statistical volume balance system in 1995, Atmos Pipe has been at the forefront of leak detection technology. It uses the powerful Sequential Probability Ratio Test (SPRT) with pressure and flows analysis to optimize leak detection.

At Atmos, we understand that every pipeline has its own personality. The design of Atmos Pipe assures tuning and optimization for every pipeline to minimize the effect of:

  • Instrument faults, including telecommunication failures
  • Operational changes from start-up, running and shut-in conditions
  • Fluid property changes
  • Seasonal changes or supply and demand variations
  • Instrument drift and calibrations
Brand: Atmos International

Category: Leak Detection System (LDS)
  • Very reliable – minimal in false alarms
  • Field proven for over 25 years on more than 1,500 pipelines
  • Detects onset, slow opening and existing leaks
  • Deployed on pipelines from 0.24 to 1,180 miles long, and 0.5” to 48” in diameter
  • Software solution that uses flow and pressure data from SCADA, DCS, PLC or RTU systems
  • First choice of most major pipeline operators worldwide
  • Detects leaks under all operating conditions with no change in minimum detectable leak size during transients
  • Draining and filling module ‘reduces’ likelihood of false alarms during pipeline filling
  • Fully compliant with; API 1130, API 1175, API 1155, API 1149, CSA Z662, German Regulations for Pipeline Leak Detection (TRFL), Shell Pipeline Leak Detection Recommendations (DEP
  • Can be added to very large pipelines and networks quickly and efficiently
  • Runs without crashes on very large pipelines and networks
  • Easy to analyze and interpret alarms and other information output by the system
  • Powerful, user-controlled data point override system to overcome data faults, instrument maintenance and other abnormal operations

Atmos Pipe Product Sheet