30 Series Level Switches


The magnetic-type level switches are available for external or internal mounting on tanks and are particularly suitable for all difficult working conditions (temperature and pressure). The ON/OFF-type outlet is normally used for alarm and shutdown functions. The level switches, depending upon their working requirements, are equipped with floats and displacers and possess flanged or threaded connections (UNI, DIN or ANSI).

Brand: Officine Orobiche

Category: Level Switches
  • One-float level switch for top mounting with one or two switching units
  • Pressure up to 50 Bar
  • Maximum Temperatures: 400˚C
  • For fluids with a specific gravity of 0.6 kg/dm3 min
  • Minimum differential of each switch with SP.GR. of 1 kg/dm3, 30 mm
  • Set point accuracy: ± 5 mm.

30 Series Level Switches Datasheet