2600 Series Safety Release Valves


The Broady 2600 Safety Relief Valve is designed to have a short simmer, then to open rapidly to the full open position, and to re-seat at a controlled pressure. When the valve is in its fully lifted position, the discharge area is controlled by the bore of the nozzle, which ensures that flow calculations for various mediums can be reliably made.

Brand: Broady

Category: Pressure Relief Valves
  • Valves are supplied in sizes 1/2″ to 1″
  • Available in Cast Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Set Pressure: 0.75 Barg to 156.7 Barg / 11 Psig to 2272 Psig
  • Medium: Steam, Liquid & Gas

2600 Series Safety Release Valves Datasheet