1400 Series VISI-FLO® Sight Flow Indicators


OPW Engineered Systems has been manufacturing sight flow indicators for over 60 years. Our experience has led to many innovations in design and manufacturing, making VISI-FLO® the most thoroughly engineered sight flow indicator on the market. VISI-FLOs are available in two series: the Standard 1400 Series, and the 1500 High-Pressure, High-Temperature Series.

Brand: OPW

Category: Sight Flow Indicators
  • Dimensionally Interchangeable – with most competitive units (FJP Units).
  • No Maintenance Required – VISI-FLO’s unique, bolt-on body design requires no special maintenance or torquing sequence. This results in a safer, more reliable sight flow indicator than units using tie rods to fasten lens and seal to body.
  • Rated for Vacuum Service – up to 635 mm (25″) of Hg (Mercury) at 85.5% vacuum. This equates to 12.3 psi vacuum.

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