108FCA Fire Pump Relief Valve


An automatic, pilot controlled, pressure relief valve actuated by the pipeline pressure. The valve modulates to maintain a steady, predetermined pressure in the network. Should the upstream pressure exceed the required set point, the valve opens, releasing the excessive pressure. When the pressure falls below the set value, the valve closes drip tight.

Brand: OCV

Category: Control Valves
  • Limits maximum pump discharge pressure
  • Opens quickly; maintains pressure within close limits
  • Adjustable: 60psi – 180psi (4.1 – 12.4 bar) or 100psi – 300psi (6.9 – 20.7 bar)
  • Pilot operated main valve
  • Simple field adjustable pressure setting, requiring no special tools or system down time
  • Factory tested & preset to requirements
  • UL listed & Factory Mutual Approved for both split case centrifugal & vertical turbine pumps
  • Wide range of materials available
  • Applicable for water, seawater & foam

108FC-108FCA Datasheet