Our Customers


PTTOR Vapor Recovery Unit
PTTOR Prakanong Terminal, 2015
Our AEREON Vapor Recovery Unit installed at PTTOR's Prakanong Terminal recycles gasoline and diesel products in the loading gantry, reduces emission to meet the new standard, and generates additional revenue for the customer.
PTTGC Vapor Recovery Unit
PTTGC6 Refinery at Rayong, 2010
The expansion of existing truck loading terminal called for our AEREON Vapor Recovery Unit that helps convert the gasoline and diesel vapors in the system from loading gantries and gasoline storage tanks back into liquid forms and prevents losses from undesirable emission.
Thai Tank Enclosed Combustion Flares
Thai Tank Terminal, 2016 & 2019
A total of 3 units of AEREON Certified Ultra-Low Emissions Burner (CEB) installed at Thai Tank Terminal help manage harmful waste gas during product transfer from ships to storage tanks and vice versa.
PTTOR Marine Loading Arms
PTTOR Sriracha Terminal, 2016
We supplied and installed 3 sets of 17 m WIESE semi-hydraulic Marine Loading Arm size 12" in place of the existing 14 m arms to increase the loading efficiency at the dock terminal.
PTTOR LPG Marine Loading Arms
PTTOR Khao Bo Ya Terminal, 2017
We replaced 2 sets of WIESE hydraulic Marine Loading Arm (6" LPG product line / 3" vapor return line) after the old arms had been in operation at PTTOR Khao Bo Ya LPG Terminal for over 30 years.
PTTGC Dome Cover
PTTGC3 Olefin 2 Plant, 2008
The installation of our K-FLOAT Aluminum Dome Cover on an open storage tank helps mitigate the odor and vapor problems from the naphtha-range products in the system at PTTGC Rayong Terminal.
Premier Tank Floating Roof
Premier Tank Khon Kean Terminal, 2014 & Srisaked Terminal 2017
Our K-FLOAT Internal Floating Roof installed on the new storage tanks at Premier Tank Terminal prevents product loss and increases revenue for the customer.
PTTOR Blending Systems
PTTOR Lumlukka, Saraburi & Suratthani Terminals, 2007
Our TITAN Blending Skids installed at three different PTTOR's loading gantries across Thailand provide the effective blending systems for users to produce Gasohol and Biodiesel fuels.
ESSO LPG Truck Loading Arm
ESSO Sriracha Terminal, 2013
We replaced 4 OPW LPG Loading Arms at ESSO's Siracha Terminal to maintain a safe and secure transfer process of liquified petroleum products from storage tanks to loading trucks.
ESSO Asphalt Loading Arm
ESSO Sriracha Terminal, 2011
We installed a new set of OPW Steam Jacketed Asphalt Loading Arm along with hydraulic vertical position control to safely and effectively transfer heated liquid asphalt from the storage tank to loading trucks.
PTTOR Bottom Loading Arms
PTTOR Saraburi, Songkhla, & Surat Thani Terminals, 2008
A nationwide project replaced over 70 existing top loading arms with our OPW bottom loading arms in three major PTTOR's terminals to prevent the emission of hazardous vapor during petroleum products transfer at the loading gantries.
PTT Tank Equipment
PTT Tank Terminal, 2010
We supplied and supervised the installation of S&J Pilot Operated Relief Valves and Vacuum Vents that regulate internal pressure of the tank to be within the recommended operational range.
PTTEP Tank Equipment
PTTEP Lan Krabue, 2019
A variety of industrial tank safety equipment from S&J including Flame Arresters, Pressure & Vacuum Vents, Automatic Tank Gauges, Gauge Hatches, and Liquid Level Indicators were installed on multiple storage tanks to ensure proper functions and safety for the tanks and operators.
ESSO Additive Injection System
ESSO Lamlukka Terminal, 2013
We supplied and installed a total of 45 sets of TITAN PROPAC-3 additive injector for Mogas and ADO meters as well as modified the existing piping and electrical setups to accommodate the systems' additional functions.
ESSO Stadis Injection Skid
ESSO Sriracha Terminal, 2012
We designed and installed Stadis Additive Injection Systems for ESSO SRC and LLK terminals to increase electrical conductivity of diesel fuels to protect the system from electrostatic hazards.