Latest News

Office Renovation
2 August 2020
In early August, MTR (Thailand) has completed our long-anticipated renovation of the office. Our workplace now boasts new cafeteria, yoga room, pingpong table, conference room, and additional working space for our staffs!
MannTek Partnership Initiation
29 January 2020
MTR (Thailand) is now an official partner with MannTek! We now supply Mann-Tek's industry-standard dry-coupling equipment for various applications, safety-breakaway devices, and MORE! Check out our products in the Products & Services page.
AEREON Seminar in Thailand
1-2 December 2019
Mr. Phaibul Prasopsukh, our Managing Director, along with the team of sales engineers attended AEREON's seminar for its partners in Southeast Asia. This event aimed to establish firm connections between the factory and its local distributors as well as update all parties on the latest air-emissions control technologies that AEREON has to offer.
Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC)
5 November 2018
MTR (Thailand) is now a proud member of Thailand's private sector anti-corruption campaign (CAC). We have made the commitments to establish corruption-free relationships with our customers and instill strong integrity in our workplace.