Company Profile


Established in 1991, MTR (Thailand) is one of leading engineering companies in Thailand and represents top quality products of the world’s leading manufacturers from USA and Europe. The company’s product sales activities are in the fields:

  • Oil Refinery, Tank Farms and Terminals
  • Lube plants and Heavy Oil Industries
  • Petrochemical & Chemical Industries
  • Gas Plant & Gas Exploration/Production
  • Aviation Fuelling & Transportation
  • Offshore & Marine Service
  • Power Plant, Water Work & Utility Service
  • Starch, Beverage, Biogas & Other Industries

As the leading product distributor, the company keeps abreast of the latest innovation in technology. MTR endeavors to provide fresh product information to clients and assist them in achieving the most efficient solutions for their operations.

  • Mechanical Equipment Products
  • Field Instrument and Control Products
  • Special Products for Petroleum Industries

We consider after-sales service to be our most important duty to our customers. MTR, therefore continuously invests in the training of sales and services personnel so that they are update on manufacturers’ standard which, in turn, helps to assure the smooth operation of the end users’ plants and machinery. The company’s service team activities are in the work.

  • Detailed Design & Engineering Work
  • Drawing and Documentation
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Inspection, Testing and Configuration
  • Calibration and Attaining approval
  • Front Line Service
  • Trouble shooting in-house
  • Training Courses Program
  • Maintenance and Service Contract